Those who voted in the name of the cows, they need to drink alcohol to attack BJP, Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, who has promised to vote in the name of the cows, has said that they should provide fresh water. He told this to Kabi who attacked the BJP and came to meet him.

[१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] Kejriwal, a national organizer of Aam Aadmi Party, went to a Govasal school in Bawana with his state's agriculture minister, Gopal Rai. She went to 'Sri Krishna Kausal', a placenta

[१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] under the administration of the BJP in Western Delhi Municipal Corporation. The complainants complained to Chief Minister Kejriwal that they were not available for the last two years.

Talking to reporters, Kejriwal said, "Our party does not collect votes in the name of cows. It is necessary to vote for voters in the name of cows to give it. "

[१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] Similarly, Kejriwal said that those who were politicians in the name of the cows were wrong, they inspired the municipal corporation to pay the money. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] The Delhi government recently introduced a security cover for the protection of animals and birds. Policy notice has been issued in Sri Krishna Kausal of Delhi, approximately 36 acres, 7.552 cow protected

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