This train, bird, plain-bish grass is not tweet video: fast forward

Union Minister Piyush Goyal posted a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first high-speed train on 15th February and said, "This bird is the first to see India's first semi-hybrid train built in the MAC India project. Indian, see Vande Bharat Fast Train Passing Lightly. "

[१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] But it was not among Twitter users. Several members of the Congress party including Piyush Goyal put this video in Rail Bast Forward mode. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] Khushboo Sundar said in her tweet, "This frame is speed, Fuji, which is the dream of Digital India Rajiv Gandhi. If you increase the speed of the frame, then the train will be at this speed, do not try very hard, the truth Does the Prime Minister know something else? "

[१९६५९००19] [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] But the BJP is in favor of Piyush Goyal," Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 15 in the Indian Express Express 1 Those who say that this video is a fast forward, actually taking a ticket. Enjoy speed, "said one of Twitter respondents.

Train's Hybrid Train Train 18 runs between Delhi and Varanasi and premieres on February 15th. There are 2 classes in which the price of food has been fixed as one of the highest class, second class, class.

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