London woman who slapped a visa officer: 6 months in custody

The court ordered a lady from London to be sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for cheating the visa officer of Indonesia.

[१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] Last year, a British woman named Oz-e-Dagdas had come to Indonesia on a tourist visa. She is 43 years old and is a medical researcher. London has reportedly refused to return to its visa end.

[१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] The visa-issuing authority has asked to pay a fine of $ 4,000 to stay longer after the expiry of the visa. There is a dispute between the two. The lady of London was laughing at the worst words.

[१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] Meanwhile, a visa struck the visa officer's cheek. This video belongs to the internet.

[१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] Meanwhile, the Indonesian court sentenced Owes to six months' imprisonment for violent acts against the government official. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] But he refused to attend court, two officers were taken into custody and forced to leave This video is now a diamond on the internet.

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