Aishwarya Rajesh apology

Aishwarya Rajesh & # 39; Kana & # 39; During the speech of victory, I apologized for my speech. [19659009002] Arun Raza Kamaraj Shiv Kartikeyan's film & # 39; Kana & # 39; Is the director. Satyaj, Aishwarya Rajesh, Prince, Ram, etc. The film was well appreciated by critics and viewers.

In the film, the film crew received a commendable welcome for all filmmakers. When Aishwarya Rajesh spoke at the ceremony, he said, "Even the film has not been successful."

Sivakartikeyan said, "Come down a bit." Satyaj further said, "Now Aishwarya Rajesh thanked everyone." After all he spoke. "

Aishwarya Rajesh talked to the Tamil film industry, which created a big controversy in his Twitter page, It was for that game, which I talked about in the "Kana" winner, and I did not mention any movie, and I never hurt anyone, and the pictures are also successful Image Maker How hard I think to succeed to do that. I hurt talked to someone, I'm sorry. "Aishwarya Rajesh said.

Aishwarya Rajesh's TVittait, vaikkappattatakak concludes the issue of the ending.

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