30 companies to buy IL and FS shares in the financial crisis

The company said that 30 companies have been offered to buy assets of IL and HS, which are in financial crisis. The company has offered to build the road infrastructure facility. Companies are interested in buying 22 types of property in that category.

The company's plan to deal assets is to deal with the financial crisis. In its report submitted to the Bombay Stock Exchange, the company said that 30 applications were filed for the acquisition of the property.

The last date for the last date of January 8 is to apply for the option of buying IL and HS property. Accordingly, the eligible companies will check the submitted applications. In both areas, on the basis of strategic conditions and investors, institutions have expressed their desire to apply. Eligible institutions will be screened and the information provided by them will be reviewed individually. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००२] IL and FS have to obtain National Legal Tribunals (NCLT) before selling and selling property. Since August 27 last year, IL and FS have faced a serious financial crisis. The company had to be forced to pay interest on the loan purchased. The total debt burden of the company is Rs. 94 thousand crores

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